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More Efficient Drilling for Small Hole Breaker Plates

Check out our new Brother M300X3 drilling 1/16” holes in a 17-4ph stainless breaker plate. Thanks to the high accuracy of the Brother machine and the minimal runout of a good spindle with a properly combined tool holder and coolant thru drill bit, we are able to drill extremely smooth holes very efficiently. Works equally well in Inconel breaker plates, read more >

In Stock! ISO 23900-5 compliant screen-packs for Filter Pressure Value (FPV) test

When performing a filter pressure test (FPT), the differential pressure increase is dependent on the retention characteristics of the filter media. In order to get accurate, comparable results it is important that the filter media is assembled exactly to specification. Any change in specification, such as weaving pattern, surface condition, and especially the number of apertures per unit length and read more >

Features to Consider When Choosing Extruder Screens

When deciding on the right filtration screen for your extruder, what element is the most fundamental? Is it the mesh count? Or maybe the material used to make it? What about the size and shape of the screen?

All four are crucial to consider when choosing extruder screens, but with so many variables to consider in the polymer extrusion process, it read more >

Rupture Disks: Certification and Traceability

Rupture discs, or blow plugs, are simple devices intended to relieve overpressure within an extruder barrel, preventing pressure related incidents which could cause damage to machinery or injury to personnel. However, if an incident does occur, your blow plug provider should be able to provide you with the testing procedure used during manufacture of the units, a certification of the read more >

ECS adds 250 mesh Monel wirecloth to inventory

ECS has added 250 mesh Monel alloy 400 to its already extensive stock of alloys for the fluoropolymer and medical extrusion industries.  Extruder screens are available in Monel 250 mesh with normal leadtimes of less than 1 week.

Extrusion Control & Supply, Inc. Launches New Website

Extrusion Control & Supply, Inc. (ECS) has launched a new cutting edge website that features responsive design, expanded product information, and information on how to best use it’s e-store. ECS is the leading provider of parts to machinery used in the extruded plastics industry.

Plastics Make US Troops’ Load a Little Lighter

Everyone knows that plastics can be significantly lighter than their metal counterparts. But, even plastics can vary greatly in their weight. The Pentagon has been experimenting with polyethylene — a much lighter alternative to Kevlar, which has been used traditionally as of late.

Removing HDPE With Silane From Tooling

Originally posted by Accurate Thermal Systems on Jan 21, 2016:

Before and After Photos of tooling.

These extrusion parts were filled and coated with HDPE containing silane. All material was removed after 40 minutes at 850F in the Fluidized Bath.

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