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10 years with no cooling related failures

$80,000+ savings a year on annual maintenance 

$500,000+ more product produced annually



EPF 2501 is a water based product specifically engineered for closed loop water cooled single or twin screw extruders. EPF prevents corrosion. Additives stay in solution.


EPF 2501 Case Study Intro.pdf

EPF 2501 Case Study I.pdf

EPF 2501 Case Study II.pdf

EPF 2501 Case Study III.pdf

EPF 2501 Case Study IV.pdf


CoolantCorrosionDeposition in pipes and heat/cool barrel jacketsComments
EPF-2501Inhibits corrosion for life of fluidnone-premixed EPF2501 ensures water quality and ideal level of additives
Distilled / DeIonized / Demineralized / Reverse Osmosis WaterPotential for mild to severe galvanic corrosion depending on metals in piping.Products of corrosion deposited in cooling tubes-water quality varies greatly
Raw WaterPotential for mild galvanic corrosion depending on metals in piping.Calcium and magnesium based scale-hard water deposits can clog cooling tubes in a matter of weeks
DI/DM/RO water with sacrificial anodePrevents corrosion while anode material is presentAnode material will deposit-requires periodic inspection and replacement of anode
DI/DM/RO water with conventional multi-metal corrosion inhibitorInhibits while treatment remains in systemEventual products of corrison join inhibitors in cooling tubesCase study 1 showed treatment chemicals remain in solution for about 2 weeks

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