Water to Air Cooled Conversions

Replace existing water cooled units with optimized air cooled heat/cool assemblies. Low mass-higher surface area casting designs maximize cooling potential.


  • Reduced operating costs
  • Quick, easy installation
  • Greater reliability
  • Thermally efficient heating & cooling characteristics
  • Reduces costly downtime
  • Exceptional cast-in heater life
  • Eliminates expensive closed loop liquid cooling systems
  • Rugged, durable & appealing design


  • Solid, stainless steel single layer shroud design
  • Use under existing barrel guards
  • Dual layer shroud with perforated metal to keep outer layer “cool to the touch”
  • Use under or instead of existing barrel guards
  • Blower options: 115VAC, 230VAC or 460 3-phase
  • Blower locations: Horizontal or vertical orientations
  • Extensions available to clear barrel supports, motors, etc.
  • Can also be used with ceramic or maxiband style heaters

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