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Low or no minimum order*
Stamping and welding in Oxford, GA USA
Substantial inventory and over 250 die sizes and shapes!

ECS makes sourcing extruder screens easy with our low or no minimum order requirement and huge inventory of common sizes, meshes, and materials available for immediate shipment. In addition, our manufacturing assets include hundreds of dies in various shapes and sizes, a warehouse full of wire cloth, and a crew of dedicated craftsmen to make what you need, when you need it. *No minimum dollar amount for stock screens (1 pkg, 100 piece qty minimum), $50 total order minimum for standard non-stock screens and packs.

ECS can provide specialty extrusion filters for applications requiring very low micron filtration rating or larger effective surface areas than are provided with flat screens and packs.

Candle filters have large surface areas for maximizing flow in filtering  applications. Candle filters provide small micron retention levels not practical with other types of extrusion filters.  We stock candle filters in  5, 10, 20 and 40 micron ratings.

Screen cylinders provide a large filtration area. We stock many common sizes and mesh combinations of cylinder shaped wire cloth filters.   Cylinders can also be made with interior layers of sintered fiber for your low micron applications. We can produce cylinders to order; seam weld only, welded seams and ends, in a large variety of diameters and lengths.

Extruder breaker plates in stock for many common machines.  Our stock breaker plates are made from 17-4PH stainless steel.  Concentric rings of holes are chamfered on the inlet side to streamline flow through the plate.

Custom, mixing, and slotted plates are made to order for extruders and screen changers.  We have a large number of designs on file to help in the specification process.

We stock quality breaker plate materials to get your plates done faster. We normally carry 4140, 17-4PH and Inconel 625, as well as other materials.   We can help specify appropriate heat treatments or coatings for your application as well.

Gaskets, also called crush rings, can extended the life of old breaker plates, adapters, and tooling, as well as help reduce and prevent polymer leakage. ECS offers a full spectrum of gasket materials such as: Thermotork, copper, aluminum, and brass.  The non-metallic thermotork gaskets are a convenient single-use gasket and are one of our most popular options.  With a variety of sizes, we are sure to have a die to make what you need quickly.

Keep your extruder, extruder screw, and dies clean with copper gauze.  Copper gauze will not scratch or rust and can be used while the machinery is still hot. Our copper gauze is two grades in one:  Use outside surface for normal cleaning, or turn inside-out for heaving cleaning.  Can be fed directly into extruder hopper of single screw extruders to clean screw and barrel between jobs.  Available in rolls of 100 feet or 400 feet, as well as hand pads.

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